Here you will find some of the FAQ and our answers
Where are the courts in Alcudia?

How much does it costs?

Normally 189.-€ per week. Specialprice 169.-€ in spring for everybody, who stays in the Ivory Playa Aprthotel.

In autumn you have to book directly at HP of the Roc Boccaccio Hotel the get this best price for our champcamp.

How can I take part in the ChampCamp?
As we appreciate our online registration tool for the different lessons in Berlin, we us it as well for our camps. Therefore it is necessary to transmit to our BeachKurse hp, to fill out the registration.
  • Are you already registrated, it is for free and without obligation
  • Just log in.
  • If not, it only takes a minute to get an account.
  • Decide which date you prefer
  • Click your matched week and press the anmelde button
  • You will receive an email for confirmation with all the necessary informations about hotel, flight, payment, Please read it!
  • Your booking is only valid after your payment!
Was does "power & strong" mean?
You have twice a day training sessions under natural conditions like sun, wind etc. to prepare for the next summer season and improve your skills. At the end of the week we organize a final tournament.

In this camp we focus on training, training and again training
Was does "practice & play" mean?
After the summer in germany we extend it on Mallorca with training lessons in the mornings and tournaments in the afternoons. Those will be organized in different sessions. At the end of the week, we play the king/queen of the beach tournament.

In Autumn is not only training important, it will be especially the development of your tactics.
Was does "watch & learn" mean?

In summer we offer in Berlin our ChampCamp-special. We analyse by video your technics and tactics, and so we watch and learn.

When will it be the best time to arrive or depart?

As the camp starts in the morning with our casting, we recommend to be there at least one night before the ChampCamp starts. At the last day we play a tournament, which lasts for almost the whole day. And in the night, we want to celebrate with you and go out for disco and party. So it makes sense, to stay a little bit longer.

If it is not possible for you, we feel pity for you and accept the fact.
Will it be possible to join the ChampCamp as a beginner?

Absolutely! Thgis is your perfect oppurtunity to learn this fascinating sport. You have twice a day the chance to improve your play. You will learn beachvolleyball together with other people, who have the same skill as we devide our training groups after the casting into different levels. It is the best way to learn in your holidays and to benefit from our ChampCamp-experiance.

How old should be our participants?

Our youngest were teenagers and our oldest almost retired person. That´s what we are in love with beachvolleyball! Beachvolleyball combine generations. But at least we think, children under the age of 15 should not take part in our normal training lessons, as it is quite difficult to be concentrated for two hours on technics. In this age the game and the fun teaches the play. Exceptions can be made, if the kid already has experiance to training lessons. But in this case it will be necessary to ask us before.

For all the older people we expect you are healthy and strong to „survive“ a ChampCamp week, because we take care about you.
Why are there no Camps especially during holidays?

Germany consists of 16 federal states and they have different holidays. If our ChampCamp matches – perfect.

Why are our training lessons start so late at 10:15h?

First of all, you should enjoy your vacation and it will be more moderate with the temperatures.

Why are we not offer leisure activities in the evening?

Sorry, you do not book entertainers, you are asking for experianced coaches. Even if it is not obviously, but it takes time for the preparations and post-processings of the trainings. And there is always work to do behind the scenes, to guarantee a fantastic and sucessful ChampCamp.

What does casting mean?

Our casting is our basic princible for classifiacation of differnt homogen training classes. You will find an article about it in our topic timetravel and press.

Do we offer as well theory-workshops?

Yes, we do! In our different ChampCamps we hold special adequate workshops. There you will get use- and helpful hints.

What does sangria-challenge mean?

In this case our participants can dare our coaches, whether together or against them. It is always a lot of fun – and this is the most important thing.

What does MIP mean?

The top award in our ChampCamp is to be the most improved player. You can earn this award only in spring and it proofs your achievement.

There are no written rules – changes can happen!

By reason of the weather, different play skills or different numbers of participants it is possible to change the shedule, just to make things easier or better to handle. We always try to offer the best individual solution,


Nik Novak & Ole mielenz

Phone: +49 163-8668705
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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